Virtual SIMs

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You don’t need SIM cards in phone anymore
I guess you’re using phones for a long time now. So, you might have used those SIM cards which couldn’t be detached from the phone once fitted inside. Yes, those CDMA SIM cards! How irritating they used to be, right?
Then the arrival of GSM brought a bit relief. But then the problem arised because people nowadays keep traveling. So, they have to get a new local phone number for convenient communication. 
Yes, the arrival of Jio and all has tried to handle the advert but what if one moves out of the country? No, it won’t work there!!
The Invisible SIM cards?
Yes, that’s right. They are Virtual. So they are called “Virtual SIMs”.They don’t need to be locally registered to be active on your mobile. Then how it works? Let’s get to know!!
So, all a user needs to do is to download the service provider’s mobile app on his phone. After this, the Virtual SIM generates an IP address and that’s it! You are ready to make and receive calls. Now guess what?? You can communicate to the people of about 50 countries on their local phone numbers. Isn’t that great?
Along with the SIM card being Virtual, your phone number is also virtual. Since the number is computer generated, it is Virtual as well. This number depends on the country code of your service provider. For example: If you buy the Virtual SIM card from US, the code before your number will be +1.

Already been misused recently?
Truly said, “science is a blessing in disguise”. It can be used and misused at the same time. Depends on the person, whether he wants to create heaven or hell for the rest of the world. 
The february 14 Pulwama terror attack was a shock for the world. Wasn’t it? So, you should know that the above beautifully explained invention, the Virtual SIM, was a part of it!! I guess you might have heard in the news about it.
The Virtual SIMs were distributed by JeM to communicate with their Pakistani handlers. The same was being used by the suicide bomber as well. You already know that it’s quite difficult to immediately trace the owner. But it has been made clear that the service provider is from US. So contacting the US service provider is the only way to trace from where the payment was done. 

A lesson?
It may be a lesson to the world. Technology, if utilized can do wonders, if misused can create hell in heaven.
So that was all about Virtual SIMs. Let’s hope it to be used with brains and eyes open in future. Thanks for your patient reading. 

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