10 Unknown facts about Bhagat Singh

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Bhagat Singh, an epitome of patriotism, went to gallows. The day was  23rd March 1931. Along with two of his comrades, Sukhdev & Rajguru, Bhagat Singh was also lebelled as a martyr.

But, the story didn’t end here. His veneer as an extremist leader was just one of the multiple facets.

So, today we’ve gathered 10 unknown facts about Bhagat Singh. His own writings reveal his extraordinarily patriotic thoughts.

So here we go!!

Bhagat Singh possessed a great sense of governance:

Don’t you think such a quality adds to his image as a freedom fighter? Yes! He had his own framework of governance. This was absolutely beyond the political maneuver. His writings contain a positive definition of nation and nationalism.

He published an article at 17:

It might not seem something extraordinary nowadays. Isn’t it? But it actually was!! Most of the teens in 21st century have developed the art of expression. But the subject Bhagat Singh as a teen chose made the difference!! He wrote his first article on UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. Well do you have a definition for this  word right now??

BROTHERHOOD was not just a word for him:

He believed that as long as the words like Black-White,Civilized and uncivilized, rich and poor exist, there is no scope for BROTHERHOOD.

Equality can’t be achieved alone:

According to him everyone has to compaign for equality and equity. Among all freedom fighters, he is the only one who had this vision at a young age.

Untouchability and communalism are evils:

his strongest critique was on untouchability & communalism. For that, he even created a difference with his contemporary senior leaders like Lala Lajapat Rai.


He expressed his views on international Ideology & Struggles through articles he wrote on “Anarchism”. Bhagat Singh showed his excellence in his article named “Why I am a Atheist”.

Founder of Naujawan Bharat Sabha:

In 1928 he founded “Nawjawan Bharat Sabha” in Lahore. This was the time when everyone was busy in creating communal politics.

Bigotry is a hindrance:

Bhagat Singh believed that Religious superstition and bigotry are great hinderance in our progress. Don’t you think he had a myopic personality?? Take a look around the society and ask this to yourself.

Progressive thinking is a solution:

According to him our reterogressive thinking is destroying us. “We always keep ourselves busy in futile discussions about God and Heaven”, he wrote. And this is the bitter truth. We indulge ourselves in such discussions even today!

His questions are still unanswered:

In 1928 he wrote “our country is in really bad shape”. I this, he asked some questions to our countrymen like-

a)-Would drinking water of well get polluted if untouchables will drew their water?

b)-Will God will angry by entry of untouchables in Temples?

They may be legally answered but the truth is still visible in newspapers. Ground reality is far more horrible.

Do you still think Bhagat Singh was blood thirsty young man? Did he really believe in bomb and pistol? Did he deserve to be framed as how the colonial goverment labelled him?

We are always taught about the extremist leaders in such a way that their idea of freedom was close to terrorism. Even Bhagat Singh has been framed as “terrorist” in a few journals.

So what would you choose to call him??Hope you found something worth knowing after reading this. If yes, then like and share our article.