Relation Between Art And Artist

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What is art,and who is artist? Love is art and the lover is artist. Your habit is an art and you are artist. Artists are everywhere and so the art. If you can talk, it’s your art. If you can think, it’s your art. Every creature is made by the same artist and thus, all are made artists.
Dedicating a small poetry to “you”, the artist reading this:

Art and the artist

That star twinkling in the sky
Is an artist.
The sky in itself being a lie
Is an artist.

The leaf dancing on the beat of the air
Is an artist
The air playing the tune with care
Is an artist.

The lover persuading his beloved
Is an artist.
The beloved letting him unreproved
Is an artist.

The bird flying away from the cage
Is an artist.
The cage confronting the owner’s rage
Is an artist.

The father teaching his kid to walk
Is an artist.
The kid walking away, giving him a shock
Is an artist.

An artist chooses what he is made for
And loves what is made for him.
An artist needs no people for him to adore
For, his art never let his nights turn dim.

Artists are not made
But millions of them are born every moment.
Art is their shade
And sun is just an object to pass comment.