How To Develop Interest In Books

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All of us have read books during schools and colleges. Besides reading course books a week before exams, most of the people enjoy reading other books like novels, plays, anthologies etc. But in most cases, it is observed that people couldn’t complete the whole book as their interest in reading is lost after some pages. And if anyhow they manage to keep interest, the burden of course book never allows them to complete it. This tragedy is evident with almost all of us, as we find our course boring or confusing as compared to others. So, we start reading novels and stories or whatever to come out of it.
Now the question is how to read a book and never let it be a burden like your course books. Here are some steps which will definitely ensure your interest in the book which you are reading:

Choose your genre wisely:
Often we choose books which our friends suggest us to read. But unless you and your friend are not like-minded, this idea doesn’t work. You should try to know yourself. Which genre suits your interest. As a beginner, you need to develop your interest in reading, so you should choose your book wisely on your own opinion instead of listening to others.

Books with less pages:
While choosing a book, you should keep in mind that you are just stepping towards the world of fictions or non-fictions and poetries as a reader. You are just trying to generate interest in this field. So besides choosing a favorable genre, choose those books which are comparatively thin. This will keep your concentration and interest both till the end as you won’t be able to spend more time.

Be patient:
Often we are not where we seem to be. I mean our mind is uncontrollable, it is always on a journey. So try to concentrate your instincts in the book and then you will find your brain listening you like a three years child! This is called patience which you need to teach yourself.

Live the characters:
While reading a fiction, you are required to feel the emotions of the characters. Cry when their tears come out and smile when they laugh. This is the key formula to read a book and reach till the end of it.

Choose a perfect time:
You may get distracted while reading a good book in the same way you get distracted while reading your course book. So once you will be able to develop your interest in reading books, you will try to complete your course studies as soon as possible so that you can make time to read them. But still, in the the beginning, you need to choose a perfect time when other pressures rarely distract you.

Hope these steps help you develop your interest and teach you time management as well.