How To Analyse A Poem

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Analysing a poem is literally a difficult task in literature. You can’t exactly get what the poet is trying to refer to. Whenever we analyse the poem, we can just predict the situation which the poet might be going through while writing the poem.
Poets put their emotions in their work and no one can analyse a stranger’s emotions. How can you read someone’s mind, whom you have never met before, when you can’t even read the psychology of a person standing next to you? But atleast you can try to understand the meaning in your own way. Here are some steps which may help you to almost reach the meaning of a poem.

1. Read like a kid:
Before jumping right to get a meaning, you must go through the whole matter atleast twice. You don’t need to understand the words in a one or two go, but just read as a kid reads without understanding, but filled with excitement about getting through a new chapter!!

2. Relate title with stanzas:
Whenever someone titles his/her work, they keep in mind that the title should relate to the whole matter in someway. So try to relate each stanza with the title of the poem.

3. Pick words closely related to title:
While reading the poem, you will definitely find some words or phrases that somehow relate to the title and thus, predicting the situation becomes much easier.

4. Imagine yourself in that situation:
It is truly said that all human brains somehow think in the same way. While going through a person’s way of writing, you may probably be able to predict his/her thinking process. So imagine you are the poet and relate those words with your own way of thinking and taking action but in the same attitude in which you find the poet is.

5. Be a good learner:
Analysing poems is rare for those who don’t belong to literature field but nowadays, you can find a lot of exams where unseen passages are given which constitute articles, reports, essays, short stories etc. Once you develop your psychological experience which you can learn through the people you are surrounded by and the nature, you will be able to analyze every piece of work easily. So let yourself learn from every situation.