To Success: A Poetry

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Success too, is a love
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I came to you
Or you came to me,
What the world finds true
Isn’t what I wish to see.

I ran into you
Or you ran into me,
What these roads find true
Isn’t what I wish to see.

Yes I’ve awaited you
But you too, did the same,
I found you as the god’s clue
But you too, were a player of this game.

I hit you harder
Or you crumbled me into a fist,
Which of these hurt louder
Is either a riddle or a twist.

This story was a conspiracy
Or this conspiracy was my destiny,
Or both have come to visit me,
for this life was a tyranny!

For so many times
My love was Cursed,
But I never stopped making my rhymes,
For this heart was still not bruised.

A day or two passed as waves
And my head was still awake,
Who told you that a sunset saves
The cursed soul beside the lake?
The water will make you sweat
And the darkness will let you brake,
Once you leave your heart
These people will make it shake.

Millions of albatross will come
But no one will bring my luck,
And I know it well,
For everytime I wished to climb,
I was forced to fell.

But now that I know
You’re useless without me,
So what I believe is true
Is what I wish to see.

Who ran into whom
Is nothing to do with me,
You’re bound to follow this lady,
For that’s what I wish to see.

I’ve seen you with so many ladies,
Hugging you in front of me,
But you’ll dream of my soul,
For that’s what I wish to see.

Neither the albatross can bring you here,
Nor this luck is bound to tear
My destiny apart from you,
For this world will see what I’d wished to be true.

So guys, this was something after a very long time and we really apologise for this. We will definitely try to be active after this.
Talking about the poetry, it might appeal to be a love poetry dedicated to a person or the writer’s beloved (most probably). But this time, it’s a twist!!
Guess what??
It’s a poetry dedicated to success. Or more precisely, a work of apostrophe. So it becomes quite easy too, as you are completely aware that no counter argument is gonna come from the other side. A completely dogmatic conversation..hope you enjoy it and keep challenging your success to follow you. We just wanted to twist your mind by giving such a title to our poetry, so thanks for reading it till the end!!

With lots of love,