Between The Hours

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Image credits: Pixabay

Between the hours,
I crossed the scorching heat and reached the bowers.

Between the hours,
I greeted the sun, a goodbye
and it went behind the towers.

Between the hours,
I saw the horizon hiding behind clouds to welcome the showers.

I watched the people rushing to some places to hide,
their office bags held tightly at their side.
I too,
rushed to my place,
but hiding from rain was not my case.

Between the hours,
I remembered of my garden
where the ground was full of flowers.
I imagined all the beauty which might have spread all around.
It would be a wonder to behold,
to see them dancing on the rain’s sound.

Between the hours,
I rushed to home almost running,
but suddenly saw the towers,
where the clouds were returning.
I got that the showers will end between hours,
and I..I won’t reach the garden to see my flowers.

But when I will ask them how did they feel,
they will respond me  blushing and sprinkling the drops of love on my cheek.

The aroma of love cooked in the garden, will be spread from the ground
and all the happiness of my flowers will be reflected in those birds’ sound.

The roses might be still dancing,
and the daffodils..they would be bouncing.

Oh! They might be  talking to the birds, but no.. I want to listen them first.

And now that the sun is back,
its heat feels like a smack.
I should rush with more pace,
as the heat may dry my wet flowers and make them upset again.
And I will keep running hours on end, like an insane.

With a puzzled mind,
I came to my place
but the garden was empty and no flowers were left.

I came to know that my Jasmine and Roses,
and all the Daffodils
dried without water before two weeks.

So, between the hours, I opened my drawers
and saw them in pictures,
as all those showers
couldn’t save my flowers.