Marriage (A Poetry)

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So, we’re excited to share a short poetry-cum-story with you people, where a woman is bound to stay in a marriage just because she is a “woman”, who thinks that she loves her husband. Let’s see what exactly this love  is:

She Lives In His Wallet

He sleeps in the next room,
about five Steps from mine.
once I was a bride and he was the groom,
but then we never even sat together to dine.

He talks to her picture
which can’t speak back.
But my presence is obscure
and I’ve no one to talk about the lack.
He takes me to the shopping
but pays with the wallet where she lives.
I never dared of stopping
my husband, as it is “love” in which he believes.

It may be love
that stops me from telling him about her.
I had met her in a poetic club
where his memories still made her stir.
It hurts to be an edge of this triangle,
but my customs bind me here.
I too, wish them to make an angle
but my traditions don’t allow me to move there.

They’re childhood sweethearts, one she had told me.
I can see how desperately her eyes awaits his glimpse for once to see.
I wish if I could gain some courage
to see them together,
And free him of this cage
And let him live with her forever.

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See you soon guys. Till then be brave and have courage to face the reality.