Is Graffiti an art or vandalism?

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Whatever pleases your eyes and attracts your instinct is art. vandalism is what your soul is reluctant of, and that can never be considered as an art. If a painter paints on a costly and highly branded Canvas, it is considered as a masterpiece. In fact, that’s great, it deserves praises. But when an another painter paints his imagination on a public wall, it is considered vandalism. Isn’t that a bit abstruse? You might have heard that world is a Canvas, then why the artists are not allowed to colour their world?
Graffiti is a beautiful presentation of the culture of a place. It bears the imagination of a person, how he thinks of an issue or subject, his culture, his world and even how he predicts it. All the opinion is wonderfully showcased on a wall, a public wall where every standard of person is allowed to visit without any restriction. Nowadays, a large number of graffiti art is observed on railway stations of India which show the rich Indian culture, there people, their way of life etc..
But considering graffiti as vandalism can’t be completely denied. Many of the graffiti art forms are worthless and done unreasonably. Especially, a large number of street walls in the cities and rural areas are painted with political slogans and symbols promoting a political party after election. This may be considered as a part of campaigning, which remain there for years. Besides being a breach of law, it may also be regarded as the mock of an art form. In fact, such a wall painting should not be considered as graffiti.
So graffiti is a pure art and it has been seen that it is being encouraged by the governments across the world too. It should not be misrelated to vandalism, which is actually a taboo deteriorating the image of an art form.