How Stories Heal Us

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Stories are powerful, they touch your weakest part of the soul. They are inspiring, emotional and sensitive at the same time. Stories let you know about the deepness of love, the charm of nature, the colour of your emotions and many more unknown truths. They are those friends whose company can never prove your faith wrong. They’ll teach you, please you, make you laugh and cry but will suddenly bring an inspiring twist in “your story” which will turn your cries into a hunger to achieve what you were crying for.


My story is yours now:

Some people think that their situation is different and more depressing than anyone else. So some stories are depressing too, might be especially written for them or by them!! But that depressing moment, if kicked out for once, can never touch you again and you may then, be the one to gift your story to someone who is grappling with his own depressing story. You may wrap your story and write over there “My story is yours now”.

Mix the colours and create a new one:

Yes! Colours are endless and so are your feelings. They keep changing their colours. Have you ever tried to mix them and form a new different colour? If no, then go for it because life is too short and you have an infinite ocean of different colours of feelings with your mind and heart collaborating to form the paint brush. So stop waiting for the right moment and rush to picture your life in the most different and unseen way.

Nights are the omens of a new morning:

Darkness comes so that a clearer morning can rise. Sadness is the part of your story as the nights are the part of a day with 24 hours. Until you don’t confront the nights of your story, your life is not deemed to be lived completely. As a coin contains both head and tail, it can’t be deemed to be a coin until it lacks one of them and so is your story.

Live every moment of your life as they are inflexions and climax of your story which make it more interesting and worth reading. They make your story inspiring and are the strengths of your book which contribute to make it the bestseller.