What To Do When I Am Alone.

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Being alone is the best way to live freedom. But sometimes, we mistake “aloneness” as “loneliness”, which is a call for depression and a number of negative mental conditions.
Aloneness is a state of joy, a state of fullness and a state where you are complete in yourself. You don’t need a companion to entertain or praise you anymore. You are completely aware of your praise worthy qualities and you are capable of praising yourself. While, loneliness is a stigma that tends to keep you isolated. Isolated in a world where you were born alone to enjoy your aloneness. But your stigma turns your own world seeming strange to you. You will find your surrounding begging you to remember yourself, the old you, but you will be lost in your own house.
You may think of losing yourself, and that’s fine. But why not lose ourselves in something that we never did before? Why not go on a date with silence? Trust me, silence sings better than all the singers with guitar in their hands and shouting uselessly on a mike!! Just hear the silence.
In order to let you know about the art of silence which you always ignore, we have composed a poem. So let’s jump to know a bit about silence.

Here is the poem regarding SILENCE.


I wish no birds singing in the garden,
I wish no dog barking on the road.
I wish to beg a genuine pardon
From the silence for always being ignored.

I wish no prayers on the lips,
I wish no cries on the speakers.
I wish to mute every word that slips
Off the mouth, with its venom spreading like creepers.

I wish no applause for a wonder,
I wish no praise for bravery.
I wish to go and surrender
To silence and get hung at the calvary.

I too, will beg pardon
To scare away the birds from the garden.
But I wish to hear no voice
For, the voice of silence is my only choice.

I wish to listen
To the song of silence.
Since long it’s voice is hidden
In this strange world of violence.