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For me..it stands for “Lesson Of Value and Experience”..
It’s a beautiful picture which entangles you.. as if you are it’s favourite character..but as soon as you reach the climax..you find many other actors and actresses standing in the same queue..
While you are a part of this elusive world..you feel yourself superior and matured than your fellows..

Sometimes you may seem to be a nonchalant character too..
And all this happens just because you get someone… who gives you a sesquipedalian palace inside his heart!!!
Your tryst with your imaginations becomes even stronger..

And then..

you come to an inflexion..where you find that sesquipedalian palace being smaller and smaller..but it’s not the end..

Actually, it is the naught point from where the real emotional manoeuvre begins..
Here, you learn to appease someone, who had once appeased to hold his hands..

For a while,you feel so ignored and depressed that all you need is redemption..
But no..this is still not the end of the picture!!!

You keep walking..
You keep finding your value..
You keep collecting experiences..
You keep loosing yourself in a world which is captivating and emancipating at a time…
You keep enjoying this shackle of altercations..
But..you would never be able to discover the TENET OF LOVE..
It has no principle..
It has no theory..

And the best thing..

you are always ready for transcending boundaries without even trying to think about the reason!!!!
This is what the whole picture explains..but finally it makes the actor “A Person With Experiences”…and still it’s not the end????
Your experiences may help you to recognize that angel who can explain you the actual TENET OF LOVE.